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18 thoughts on “Qsymia Online for Sale

  1. I am looking for a weight loss solution that works. 2 years ago I did HCG and was very successful and lost 27 pounds. However, over the past year, I have put some of that weight back on. An embarrassing 18 pounds. I tried HCG again last year in October and it did not work as well as it did the first time around. I am 5’5″ tall and I currently weigh 158 lbs. I would like to get back to 140 pounds.

  2. My husband and i both need to loose 30-40 pounds. Several years ago we took both topomax & phentermine. We lost the weight & it was great. But we have put the weight back on so want to try qsymia to get back in better shape. Can we order this on line now?
    Thank you, lisa carlson

  3. I would like to purchase Qsymia, I do not have a prescription, I am a 46 yr female, I’m very overweight and need to lose all this excess weight, I have tried numerous diet pills and diets.

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